As an Internet Marketer I have examined other industries to see how they do things that I can incorporate into my own business. Often times I apply something that is not being done in Internet Marketing currently but having success in other industries and I have had success with it in my own business.

As a licensed real estate agent (it’s no longer my focus, but I still work with established clients, friends and family as well as referrals) I have a lot of knowledge and experience with the real estate industry.

One thing that not everyone knows is that as a real estate agent you get paid the same whether you represent the buyer or the seller in the transaction. But while the buyer’s agent has to find the buyers, set up the appointments and then drive all around the area looking at potential homes, the seller’s agent once they have property listed can wait for the buyer’s agents to bring the buyer to them.

In Internet Marketing they say that the money is in the list. In the Real Estate world the money is in the listing. As the listing agent you will be paid no matter whose offer is accepted. As a buyer’s agent you will ONLY be paid if your client’s offer is accepted and if your client decides to purchase.

This same discrepancy can be seen in the Internet Marketing world. People will sign up as an affiliate to promote a product while the creator of that product has done the work already and can wait for the affiliates to bring in the buyers. So rather than be one of 100’s of people all competing for the same buyers, be the seller and let the army of affiliates come to you.

The online real estate courses will teach you how to maximize your listings and then when people have signed with you and you have earned their trust have them purchase a home with you as well. It’s far easier to get someone to buy from you when they already have trusted you to do business with you.

This is where the Internet Marketing industry gets it wrong. Rather than follow the model of the real estate courses, they instead focus on teaching you how to become one of the 100’s of affiliates spending huge money/time on driving traffic to affiliate offers when they should be teaching you how to become a product seller and let these people come to you. Then once they become your customer, market other offers to them when you know that they already trust you.  This model works extremely well in the real estate industry and works great in Internet Marketing as well.

I know it can sound scary to most people especially if you have never created your own product before.  But the payoff is totally worth it and by following a step by step program and learning from people who have done this already you will be amazed just how easy this can be for you.

To your success,

Chuck Abbott

P.S. Comment what has been working for you from other industries.

    2 replies to "What Internet Marketing Can Learn From The Real Estate Industry"

    • Dave Thomas


      An interesting article and very much from a US real estate view point as, in the UK, you do not have one person who lists the property, you can have two or more so there is a slight difference in the way properties are sold and you make your money.

      But the analogy is correct that the list is king

      Good luck on your journey

      To your success


    • Chuck Abbott

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for letting me know how things are done in the UK. That seems like it would be confusing from a client relationship standpoint without an exclusive right to sell.

      Wishing you success as well,


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